Nationwide digital support portal

The new Nationwide Digital support portal is located at


When you get to the portal, you will be able to:


§ Search our Digital knowledge base

§ Log a new support ticket

Logging a new support ticket: in the ticket entry form you will need to include –


1. Your email address

2. A clear subject line

3. Your region

4. A description of your request

5. Any applicable attachments

6. The page URL where the problem or error exists


Email notification: You will receive an automatic email, informing you that your ticket has been received and assigned. This email will include –


§ Your new ticket ID

§ The agent assigned

§ A link to your ticket where you will be able to track the status and add comments, if you want 


If you reply to this email, your response will be added to your open ticket. You will not need to go to the ticket URL in order to comment.


Customer support portal: Access to the customer portal allows you to easily track multiple tickets –


If you want access to the customer portal, log a request through the support portal with the following –


1. Type: User Account Support

2. Scope: Customer support portal access