Eventbrite is a third party ticket application. It offers more functionality than the Luminate ticket event module. 

Some benefits of using Eventbrite:

-Multiple ticket types

-Ability to schedule ticket sales to automatically start/end at particular dates/times

-Generate tracking links that tie visits and revenue back to particular channels

-Create affiliate program where local influencers receive commissions for promoting/selling tickets on our behalf

-Discount codes

-Generate PDF Guest list for checking in guests as arrive at the door

-Online check in through mobile app

-Built in conversion pixel module

-Ability to receive donations*** However it will not automatically issue tax receipts. Donations will need to be exported manually and sent to Donor Services to generate Offline Gift receipts and mailed out to donors after event. 

Walkthrough Video

Watch an Introductory Walkthrough of some of the benefits/features of Eventbrite as of December 7, 2016. 


Donation Receipting Update

Since creating this walkthrough video, we have successfully used the 'Donation' ticket type

To issue receipts, follow the steps below:

  • When setting up the event, make sure that you indicate in the description beside the Donation ticket type, that their tax receipt will be mailed 2-3 weeks after the event. There will NOT be automatic email receipting set up. 
  • After the event ends, the Digital Specialist for the region will export a CSV file of all ticket purchases
  • Filter the list to only include donations
  • Email the encrypted file (or share through secure OneDrive) the file to Donor Services. Ensure that the mailing address of all donors along with transaction amount is included. 
  • Donor Services will process the donations as Offline donations through Raiser's Edge. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. They will mail the tax receipts to the donors.