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Event Management Centre (EMC) Training Resources

Note 1: These documents were originally developed for British Columbia Yukon Division and as such reference campaigns specifically for their province. However, the core information is relevant across the country. 

Note 2: Some Events have different permissions than others (ie: RFL). If at anytime you can not access the areas described in the documents below please email digital@cancer.ca including the event name, location and details of your request etc.


Event Centre - Managing Event Details

Edit Event Website - Updating Content

  • Please email digital@cancer.ca for any content updates on the Greeting Page, About the Event Page and or the Calendar of Events pages.

Customer Service - Managing Participants

Customer Service - Managing Teams

Note: IFE Events are registered as Teams. Enter the IFE Event Name in the Team Name field to search.

Customer Service - Managing Sponsors

Customer Service - Entering Donations

Event Emails - Coaching Emails

Event Emails - Auto Responders