EMC stands for the Event Management Centre. The EMC is part of the TeamRaiser module that controls all of our peer-to-peer fundraising events. EMC is a way to give restricted access to event data and reporting functions for one particular event, without giving the person complete access to our entire donor database (which is a privacy and security concern). All volunteers are given EMC access to work on the events that they are affiliated with. Staff members should ideally be managing their events through the Luminate/Convio backend of the website as they are administrators and will have more options, controls, and features available to them. If you have questions about using EMC, you can access these training documents here

I lost EMC access to my event, help!

You cannot lose access. After granting access, we never revoke EMC access. It cannot accidentally be removed from your account. If you encounter this issue, it's likely one of the two situations below has occurred:

  1. You have not requested access for this year's event (EMC is granted event by event, so each time we launch a new TeamRaiser each year, EMC access must be set up again). 
  2. You are logged in with the wrong account


If you're unsure if you have asked for EMC access for this year's event, email digital@cancer.ca and we will set it up for you. 

If you already had EMC access for the current year's event and suddenly it's missing, then you're probably logging in with the wrong account. Doublecheck the username that you're using to log in with. To find out which of your accounts has been granted EMC access, please email digital@cancer.ca and tell us the name of your event and we will look up the username of the account that has EMC access that you should be using to log in with.