Formstack Walk Through


  1. General Run Through

What is FormStack?   

Formstack is a platform that helps CCS create, manage, and manipulate forms that will be used on the website Our form has been filled out the responses will be forwarded to the given email and available through Formstack. 

Example of major forms include:

  • Donor Services Inquiry Form – EN/FR
  • CIS More Information Form – EN/FR
  • CCS Media Inquiry Form – EN/FR
  • Breast Accessory Request Form – EN/FR
  • Wig Form – EN/FR

Where do I find these forms?

For the new website – most forms can be found:

Forms à NW Digital à New forms 


For mission and secondary website forms (CSL and Smokers Helpline) 

Forms à Mission à CSL or Smokes helpline


How do I request changes to a Form?

Small content changes: Any small changes should be submitted to

Large content changes: Any large changes will require a formal copy deck to be submitted to Please have final draft approval before submitting request to digital. 


Product Role and Permissions:

  • Each Formstack user is given an associated permission within the platform. This enables an admin to make updates to the user’s account information, there account status (premium or platinum), and there over access to various forms/information 
  • If you require access to a certain element that is currently unavailable, please content Shital Patel ( or Janis McKell ( , they can change your permissions and user information. 
  • If you need to remove a user – Shital or Janis can also do this as well 


Email Notifications: 

When a form submission has been submitted you can trigger a Notification email to send to you/or anyone on your team. 

This email will contain all submitted data, a link to this data, and a custom message set during the set up process. An email notification should be set up with each form and indicate which department should be receiving these responses. 


How to set up an email notification:

Click Settings à Emails & Redirects à Notification Email 

Note: By default, all notification emails will be sent by 


  1. Working with Forms  


Form Duplication

There is two reasons why a form should be duplicated:

  1. A new form request has been submitted
  2. A form change has been submitted 
  3. Note: It is important that a form is duplicated before any changes are made because we do not want to affect functionality of the live form. Once changes have been made and we are confident they are correct, we can switch out the URL’s and use  the new duplicated form (with the new changes live)


How to duplicate:

  • Once you log into Formstack, Click “Open Forms”
  • Move from Dashboard to Forms
  • You will see in the left hand column a list of all relevant form folders and on the right, forms that can be opened 






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  • Once you found the form you want to duplicate, Click the check box, and select copy
  • This will duplicate the exact form but add COPY at the end of the name and URL (This makes sure that it will not be live on any current pages) 

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** This is an example**



How to update content on an existing form?

Important: Before you make an updates on an existing form you need to DUPLICATE it beforehand. If the form you are editing does not say COPY at the end of the URL. Do NOT duplicate (unless it is a very simple change such as updating an email notification) 

*Any changes made on the form will be live automatically.  Therefore we duplicate a form before any final changes are made*


How to create a new form?

When creating a new form, please create it within the most relevant folder. All folders are organized by department and subject. 

Select the relevant folder and press create in the top right corner.

Select a between form, survey or workflow. Templates are available if needed. 


How to make a form live? (Accessible through the URL)

If you create a new form à Select Settings à General 

  • You will find the form URL
  • Copy this and you can share this URL or embed it onto your website 

How to make a duplicated form live?

If you want to make a duplicated form live à Select Settings à General 

  • You will find the form URL
  • At the end of the URL, it will say “COPY” 
  • Take the original form that you no longer need and add to the end of the URL “ARCHIVE” 
  • Remove the “COPY” from the new form URL 


This way the old form is no longer live and you are safe to replace it with the new duplicated URL 

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** Remember to add archive to the old form URL before you remove the copy from the new duplicated form**